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SAP ERP Business Benefits:

SAP ERP delivers a comprehensive set of integrated, cross-functional

business processes. With SAP ERP, you can gain the following benefits:

Improve alignment of strategies and operations

Run your enterprise in accordance with strategy and plans, accessing the right information in real time to identify concerns early.

Pursue opportunities proactively.

Achieve corporate objectives by aligning workforce and organizational objectives.

Find the best people and leverage their talent in the right job at the right time.

  • Improve productivity and insight

Leverage self-services and analytics across your organization.

Improve operational efficiency and productivity within and beyond your enterprise.

  • Reduce costs through increased flexibility

Use enterprise services architecture to improve process

standardization, efficiency, and adaptability.

Extend transactions, information, and collaboration functions to a broad business community.

  • Support changing industry requirements

Take advantage of the SAP NetWeaver platform's latest open, Web-based technology to integrate your end-to-end processes seamlessly.

Solve complex business challenges today with SAP, your trusted partner for long-term growth, with 30 years of experience working with organizations of all sizes in more countries than any other vendor.

Join SAP's world-class partner network, uniquely qualified to support the best business practices in more than 25 industries.

  • Improve financial management and corporate governance

Gain deep visibility into your organization with financial and

management accounting functionality combined with business


Increase profitability, improve financial control, and manage risk.

  • Optimize IT spending

Integrate and optimize business processes.

Eliminate high integration costs and the need to purchase third-party software.

Deploy other SAP Business Suite applications incrementally to improve cash flow and reduce costly borrowing.

  • Aim higher ROI faster

Install SAP ERP using rapid-implementation techniques that cost less than half what traditional approaches cost.

Leverage preset defaults and prepackaged versions available for specific industries.

  • Retain top performers

Retain your top performers through clearly defined career and

development plans.

Link employees' performance to compensation programs such as variable pay plans and long-term incentives.

  • Provide immediate access to enterprise information

Give employees new ways to access the enterprise information

required for their daily activities.


Financial and Public Services


Defense & Security


Higher Education & Research


Public Sector


Aerospace & Defense

Aerospace and Defense Manufacturers

MRO/M&E Service Providers


Automotive OEMs

Sales and Service Organizations

Automotive Suppliers

Chemicals, Consumer Products :



Home and Personal Care

Consumer Durables and Home Appliances

Apparel and Footwear

Engineering, Construction & Operations :




Commercial Real Estate

Facilities Management

High Tech :

Business, Medical, and Consumer OEMs

EMS Providers

Semiconductor and Component Manufacturers

Software Providers

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