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The search engine optimisation industry is highly competitive with experts and companies in the UK , Australia and the USA leading the field.There are millions of websites - all competing for that top twenty position at the major search engines and directories - and a site that is not optimised doesn't stand much of a chance of scoring well. Search engine optimisation is the art of constructing web pages with content designed to be "friendly" to the world's major search engines and publishing these pages in the correct manner.

Proven experts in search engine optimisation , Search Engine Serious have a complete range of services to suit all companies and organisations with an enviable reputation for getting top positions.

Keyword Research:

An essential part of optimization is targeting keywords that your potential visitors frequently use as search terms. The ideal keyphrase is one which is popular but for which relatively free web sites are competing. Note that we say "keyphrase" because in practice it is not usually worthwhile targeting individual words. Keyword research to make sure your pages target frequently searched keyphrases and niches of low competitiveness is an essential feature of our effort on your behalf.


At one time optimizing a page meant filling the meta tags and page content with repeated keywords and then waiting for the top ranking. The result was web search results full of unreadable and largely irrelevant content.These days, search engines are wiser and a more considered and sophisticated approach is required to attain the top position. The correct use of meta tags, the page title, image names, alt tags (the text associated with images) and optimization of image content all have a part to play in search engine optimization.

We have an in-depth knowledge of how each individual search engine works and what we need to do to make your site appear at the top of the listings for a given search term and/or engine. Using this knowledge will enable us to create content which once uploaded and submitted will rank highly in the search engine listings.


We submit your optimized content to the appropriate search engines manually as required. We don't submit to thousands of sites because that can damage your positioning. Only a handful of sites generate 90% of search engine traffic. We target them.

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